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Welcome to ELEMENT!!

Welcome to the ELEMENT FILMS Blog!

The name of the company: ELEMENT is actually an acronym. It stands for ELectric EMultion ENTertainment...

The digital medium has brought about a dramatic change in the art and science of "Filmmaking." The Emultion that was once a part of the filmmaking process that exposed light-sensitive, silver halide crystals, is now relegated almost entirely to the fringes. Yet, it still has its adherents and is embraced by the many top filmmakers, film purists and students. Film (in the classical sense) has ushered us through the first 100-years of our collective film-going experience but now is being quickly replaced by the Electric medium of digital capture. Ostensibly, the mission of filmmaking is still to be a medium of Entertainment.

The ELECTRIC chips that have replaced the medium of EMULTION  is now the vehicle for the capture and exhibition of the moving image and is the most powerful and socially penetrating form of ENTERTAINMENT there is. ELEMENT Films is dedicated to the perpetuation of quality entertainment in this new electric medium.

ELEMENT FILMS is proud to have the honor of creating your image content. We have produced award-winning films that have screened at festivals all over the United States. Our cinematography has created the visual content for many films both self-produced or commissioned; documentary or narrative; domestic or international. We look forward to lending our vision to your vision and creating something memorable and exciting!

Keep an eye on this blog for news of interest as it relates to ELEMENT and as well, some behind-the-scenes photos from shoots and productions.




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